I am Patrick

From the first moment I held a camera, I felt a shift in the way I could interpret, shape and document the world around me. My passion for design and architecture goes back to my childhood – but I hadn’t realized the emotion that was involved until I experienced it through the lens. Using photography to capture design is a very personal portrayal of art, and working with designers has given me the opportunity to see and understand the complexity of their work, and subsequently illustrate it through photography.

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Over the past decade I have spent my professional time in commercial advertising video and photography. I honed my craft while working with large commercial brands, artists and fashion designers. It wasn’t until I decided to narrow my focus to design and architecture that I fully realized where my excitement and devotion lies.

Design photography is a collaborative experience – an enterprise to best capture and reflect your art and vision and share it with the world. I have worked with some of the world’s best designers from my Toronto base and abroad. My goal is to make the experience of documenting each project as simple, light and fun as possible.